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Easter Egg Bath Bomb Set - Pack of 6

Easter Egg Bath Bomb Set - Pack of 6

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Scents for each colored egg:
Pink: Fruity
Orange: Oranges
Yellow: Monkey Farts - Banana/Apple
Green: Pineapple
Blue: Mermaid Cove - Lemon and Shortbread
Purple: Blackberry Magnolia

Our products are made with top of the line, ethically sourced ingredients, all by hand. Formulated for sensitive skin, our bath bombs are made only with natural, gentle ingredients - no harsh chemicals or abrasive foaming agents. Your skin will thank you!

Toss the whole bomb in a fully drawn tub and watch it fizz. I personally recommend using one or two per bath.

How to Enjoy: Simply fill up a bath with warm/hot water, unwrap the bath bomb from its packaging, drop the bath bomb in tub, it watch it fizz! The bath bomb will fizz for a couple of minutes while it releases the oils and aroma into the bath. Get in and enjoy a relaxing bath!

Ingredients: Baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, cornstarch, sunflower oil, fragrance oil, water

**Note: Tub may be slippery from oils. Color and product may vary depending on different batches as these are completely handmade.

This listing is for 6 individual bath bombs in a round clamshell.

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